Closing the women’s health gap together

The Wonder Woman Collective is a groundbreaking collaboration between leading women's health companies.

Our mission is to bridge critical gaps in care, offering comprehensive solutions for conditions that uniquely affect women. Join us on this journey to revolutionize women's health and wellbeing.

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A Collective Vision for Better Care

We've come together to tackle the pressing challenges in women's healthcare. Our Collective is committed to improving health outcomes, advancing health equity, and fostering innovation.

By integrating diverse expertise and resources, we are setting new standards in healthcare for women.

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Making a Difference in Women’s Health

Addressing the Women's Health Gap is a critical necessity, not just an option. Our initiative is driven by compelling evidence, such as the McKinsey report highlighting a staggering $1 trillion annual impact of the gender health gap in the U.S. Through our concerted efforts, we aim to significantly reduce this burden, enhancing the quality of life and productivity for women everywhere.

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How we bridge the Gap

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More Gender-Specific Data

Collect and analyze sex-, ethnicity-, and gender-specific data to have more accurate representation of women’s health burden and the impact of different interventions.

More Gender-specific Care

Women deserve the same high-quality level of care from their healthcare providers as men, which doesn’t mean the same care per se. There is a pressing need to redesign medical curricula as well as residency and fellowships to reflect sex and gender differences.


More Women-centric research

We invest in women-centric research to fill the knowledge and data gaps in women-specific conditions, as well as in diseases affecting women differently and/or disproportionately.

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Who We Work With

The Wonder Woman Collective strives to deliver comprehensive, streamlined, and specialized care by driving early diagnosis and integrating treatments for these conditions, as well as offering a cohesive platform for health plans and benefits providers in need of broader women’s health solutions.


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